DEPARTURE Piazza Duomo Acireale
 9.00 am or ore 4.00 pm
2h guided excursion of the city Tasting as the program
Entrance fees


Meeting point with the guide at Piazza Duomo Acireale. 4.00 pm start of the excursion vGuided tour: (Cathedral, San Sebastiano church, pinacoteca Zelantea*, San Camillo church). Continue to visit the Puppet museumMuseo , extraordinary example of Tradition and artisan processing of local population. Continue the excursion to visite the Martino Fiorini palace an authentic example of an ancient noble house built between the end of ‘ 800 and ‘ 900 At the end of the visite tasting of “rosolio”(typical Sicilian drink)and “almond pastes”.


paste di mandorla 3
Palazzo Fiorini Acireale